Take The Train Back Home – Roy Einar Dreng & Friends

Roy Einar Dreng & Friends, er ute med en rykende fersk singel «Take The Train Back Home».
Hør den nå, der du hører musikk!

Bandet jobber for tiden med nytt album, så det er bare å glede seg!

Om utgivelsen:

With musicians who are inspired by British and Norwegian folk music and country, they have created their own sound.
Roy Einar Dreng is also a huge Bob Dylan fan and has been walking his footprints since youth.
R.E.Dreng & Friends are very much alive on stage and take you away with their storytelling and music.
They played Mrangowo Picknik Country Festival (Poland) several tours in culture houses in Poland, Italy, Denmark, and Norway.
Roy Einar also makes solo tours or with one or two musicians
Discography: Roy sings Dylan 2000, Bob Band Tangled Up In Blue (Dylan songs)2001, RED LIVE 2011 and R.E.Dreng & Friends Middle Of The Night 2016
“Take the train back home” is the title of the new single from Roy Einar Dreng & Friends. The band is in the studio working on an upcoming album.