Take me away – Bill Iversen

Bill Iversen, born in 1963, the artist from Norway’s eastern town Vardø, is now out with his new record «Take me away». Nine great tunes are recorded in the CB studio in Froland and are produced by himself as well as Vidar Dale and Kenneth Sandaker.

Bill Iversen became Norway’s Champion in Country Music on Skjåk in 1992 with Bill Iversen & Four Roses. Since the early 80’s, Bill Iversen has played at home and abroad! Bill is known as the «Voice of the North» for many years as a program leader in NRK. He is known as a very good vocalist and artist with experience from big and small scenes.

Bill Iversen is affiliated with the European Tour Management Group and manages his own band but also works with other bands at home and abroad.
He releases a CD on his own label Bill Iversen Music