Fine Flying Fever – Lark

Lark er i dag ute med sitt album «Fine Flying Fever» på digitale plattformer!

Om utgivelsen: Lark is a norwegian rock band consisting of Bjørn Eriksen, Sindre Saksæther , Svein Tore Furuvarp, Ragnar Ørstavik and Øystein Johansen. They started to play music together in Halden, Norway several years ago and finally started to write their own music, influenced by guitar based rock, gospel, electric pop and progressive rock. All coming together in their album “fine flying fever”, autumn 2018. Lyrics are dark with glimpses of christian hope and love shining through.
Thanks to Jon Terje Rovedal for inspiriation and making us sound better, thanks to Jaren Scott Martin for advices and making us sound even better, thanks to Svein Tore Furuvarp for providing time in his “Studio Silence” and thanks to wifes, girlfriends and kids for a lot of patience waiting for our music baby to be born – we realize it got a full grown teenager before popping out..
– Lark